8.09.2017 One X-Wing, One Loss

With the right upgrades, a ship can be formidable. I realized this lesson much too late.

My opponent positioned his squad close to the edge of the play area. I made an anticipation to meet him in the middle of that edge. My E-wing and Arc made a slow approach while my A-wing flew fast down the center of the field to turn to catch them in a pincer attack. Minor damage was sustained at initial contact for both myself and the enemy.

While my E-wing was making a U-turn, my Arc destroyed the TIE Fighter from its rear cannon. The enemy Arc flew towards the center of the field while my E-wing pursued. I caught the enemy Arc in another pincer attack between all three of my ships and destroyed it with a concentrated fire. Now only the black X-wing remained.

Each time my ships engaged it, it would break away and somehow regenerate it’s shields. That’s when I realized he equipped his ship with a special Astro Mech. It brought down my E-wing and then my A-wing at close range. My Arc could not both bring down the shields and destroy it all alone. My last ship suffered a slow destruction.

The game started to be in my favor when I destroyed the first two ships and maintaining mine. However, I wasn’t aware of the X-wing’s healing upgrade until I started damaging the ship. Had I been aware of it, I would have concentrated my firing effort on that ship first before taking on the rest of them. I thought I would have a problem with the enemy Arc because it has a good durability rating. This negligence of glancing over the enemy’s upgrade was what costed me the game.


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